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Meet Our Contestants

Vote for your favorite Mascot by using the Donate button and donating $5/vote using the PayPal Button at the bottom of this page. Be sure to include in the Notes section of PayPal the name of the pet you are voting for. Our contestants are listed in the order we received their entries. The Winner will be announced on Friday June 5, 2020 on Facebook Live!

Chico R.
Samson M.
Billie D.
Chloe P.
Samson M.
Ginger B.
Anna P.
Dodger K.
London E.
Koda C.
Leoda D.
Luna K.
Teddy K.
Teddy K.2.jpg
Mollie B.

Use this button to vote for your favorite Mascot. Be sure to include the Name of the Pet you are voting for in the Notes Section.

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