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Friday Thoughts

I hope you have had a good week. The sunshine was appreciated this week and the bright side of the rain might possibly be that some of my weeds will be easier to pull out. Some good news this week with at least what an outline of a plan for re-opening the State and state parks reopening tomorrow.

What's Happening at Interfaith Caregivers?

Pet Contest:

We are in the middle of our pet mascot contest. Encourage your friends and family who have cats, dogs, ducks, bunnies to submit a photo by emailing me, paying the $10 entry fee. We will put the photos up on our website, Facebook, and Instagram for people to donate $5 and vote for who they think is the cutest.

I can tell you who is not the cutest, my daughter’s puppy, who is digging holes, or ankle breakers, as my husband refers to them. He came in this morning covered in mud from his chin to the tip of his tail. Even more perfect, he is petrified of getting bathed, going for car rides, our backyard neighbor, and most loud noises. Luckily, we started virtual dog training with him as he is a work in progress.


We are working diligently on what Interfaith Caregivers will look like after the State of Emergency. Suzan, along with our Client Services Committee, are coming up with guidelines to keep volunteers and clients safe. As these policies and procedures get approved, she will let you know. We, like all of you, are anticipating a return to our new normal.

Reading, Watching, Doing:

You have provided me with some great recommendations to read and watch. I still prefer to read more than watch and am happy to see a peek of sunshine, so hoping to read outside later today. I did just finish, The Antidote For Everything, by Kimmery Martin. I enjoyed each of the protagonists and the story was so good. I was sad to finish it.

Some of our local nurseries have curbside pickup. My hydrangeas are looking sad, even my son thought they looked “lame.” I think in the coming weeks, I will be digging them up and transplanting them from the back to the side and attempting to move our boxwoods forward. They get stinky sometimes which makes sitting on the front porch unpleasant.

This past weekend, I went back to my original brownie recipe using baking chocolate as opposed to cocoa powder. My son’s favorite was one that I found on a blog and uses a smidge of olive oil in them. They are fudgy. He is anticipating a return to college where he plays club lacrosse. The team is starting “spring training,” so he is back to eating in a healthier manner which means a decrease in baking.

Enjoy the funniest meme I saw this week courtesy of my friend, Paul!

Stay well and we really do hope to see you soon.


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