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Friday Thoughts 5.22.2020

Welcome to the unofficial start of summer. I trust this finds you doing as well as possible. We are starting to see some signs of our new normal with the announcement today that groups up to 25 can gather. It is going to be an interesting few weeks.

I have been thinking about how in some ways, we were forced to return to a simpler way of living during the last 2 months. We have been completely focused on our loved ones while juggling all the stress and questions a pandemic brings with it. I have been enjoying small moments this week- the sunshine on my face, the peace of my morning dog walk, a quiet moment seeing the sun just start to rise.

Interfaith Caregivers News

The Mascot Contest is heating up. This week, we have featured 5 adorable pets that bring their families so much joy. We have quite a few to go. Continue to follow along on Facebook and Instagram to meet these sweet faces and learn what makes each one special to their families. I am going to attempt Facebook Live to announce the results. That should be a fun experience and force me to wear something other than sweats!

Suzan has been busy researching how some of the medical practices we drive to frequently are planning on safely reopening and what that means for our clients and volunteers. Stay tuned. I have heard from a few clients who miss seeing our volunteers and I have been talking to a lot of you who are anxious to see some familiar faces.


I am not reading anything this week. I have played Go Fish, I am relearning Uno, and my daughter and I played a few rounds of I Spy. Try playing I Spy with someone who loves art and sees small details. It is challenging but gave both of us some giggles.

My hope for all of you is that you continue to stay well and enjoy all the small moments this long weekend will bring. I can tell my friend, Paul, is feeling equally contemplative this week, his meme collection reflected it. But, attached is my favorite of the week.

Stay well!


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