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Friday Thoughts May 29,2020

We survived a socially distant Memorial Day Weekend. We spent time together as a family and continued ongoing games of Uno and Go Fish. My kids are drawing comfort from the games we played when they were younger. I can appreciate that with so much uncertainty, we like to seek out the familiar. That time with them has brought me comfort. I can tell my mood is flagging as my son is making sure to spend a little one on one time with me each day. For as boyish as he can be, I always appreciate seeing how empathetic he is towards me.

Interfaith Caregivers Updates

Suzan sent out an email earlier in the week asking for feedback on resuming transportation services. We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas as we navigate our new normal.

Pet Mascot Contest

This has been a fun addition to my Facebook and Instagram feeds and hope you are enjoying it, too. There is still time to visit our website and vote for the sweet pet you feel is most deserving. Right now, Billie D. is ahead in the voting. Thank you to those who have participated.


I started reading a book by Kristen Neff who works in human development at University of Texas, it has been sitting in my “To Read” pile along with a book by Brene Brown. I used the past 3-day weekend as time to walk and recharge.

We also used the time to continue to train the new puppy who is just getting big enough to be a handful. If you see me walking him and wonder why I am ignoring you, it is because he pulls on the leash and as much as I am trying to end that behavior, sometimes it is just easier to just keep moving.

He is rejecting his crate, he has such bad separation anxiety, he typically gets sick in it. But he is learning a few commands, including “drop it,” which comes in handy when we walk in the park, he loves to attempt to eat anything left behind. It’s gross. My daughter adores the puppy and does take good care of him. However, my son, husband, and I all wonder what we have gotten ourselves into.

As we turn this calendar into June, I wish you and your families continued good health. We are seeing glimmers of the world starting to re-open. We urge you to continue the things that feel right and good for you and your loved ones. Here is Paul’s latest meme.


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