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Friday Thoughts May 8, 2020

It seems my brain can’t process that we have been in a State of Emergency from before St. Patrick’s Day and we are now approaching Mother’s Day. I keep thinking we are each processing this in our own way- alone, maybe lonely for some of us, but collectively we all “get” the different feelings this State of Emergency has brought. I have friends who are using this time to learn new skills and others who are trying to hang on and work remotely while their kids learn remotely. My friend, Diane, says it so well, I am just trying to keep it all together and that looks different each day. I hear you, Diane. My big accomplishment is cleaning and then polishing my appliances. They look so brand new, I felt like a champion. I hope you are finding pride in your accomplishments whether it is learning a skill, mastering adding multiple people to a FaceTime call, or cleaning an appliance.

What’s Happening at Interfaith Caregivers?

We are having so much fun getting pet pictures that we have decided to extend the deadline to receive entries until Sunday May 17. Voting will on Monday May 18 for our pet mascot contest. You still have time to submit your photo of your favorite furry companion- cat, dog, bunny, or chicks included. Gus, our wonder pup, might be submitted. He has many talents and superpowers including avoiding all puddles and being able to hear the crack of the peanut butter jar while saving us from the bunnies, bees, and butterflies. Walnut, our cat-doggy, disputes Gus’s powers as he can find any uncovered food and eat it. Chili, tomato soup, chicken, or turkey. Our cat is a better eater than my kids were as toddlers. You can learn more about the pet contest at our website: https://www.ifchaddons.org/pet-mascot-contest

We did a round of outreach to our church partners in Haddonfield and Haddon Heights. If you know of someone who is over the age of 65 and is struggling to get groceries or their prescriptions and they live in our service area, please let Suzan know. During the State of Emergency, we are trying to help any senior, but we will need to do a scaled-back intake. I urge you to call Suzan with any concerns.

Reading, Watching, Doing:

I am still reading a lot and not watching tv so much. I skipped the Michael Jordan documentary on ESPN but did watch some college lacrosse over the weekend with Matt, instead of the morning news, I have been watching Korean baseball and who knew, bat flips were such a thing in Korea. Last week, I shared the debate my friends and I have been having about Brad and Jen. This week, we stumbled upon a Twitter account called Room Rater. I love Twitter- I can curate the news from the sources I care about and see the things I am really interested in. Yes, I am now interested in Room Rater. Here is an article explaining it, I hope you find it as entertaining as I do: https://www.bostonglobe.com/2020/05/07/nation/room-rater-grades-homes-cable-news-commentators-politicians-celebrities/ and please don’t judge that I may have zoomed in to look at people’s photos and/or books.

We are so grateful for all you do for our clients, for us, and for our local communities. If you are feeling alone, please reach out to me. Sometimes, we need to lean into the strength of others.

Enjoy today’s meme which truly cracked me. Maybe we had a little Hallmark channel on in the background until someone, maybe my son, Matt, told me my brain was starting to fall out of my nose.

And for those of you who have mothered someone in your life, we wish you the happiest of Mothers’ Days.


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