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Gingerbread Tour in Downtown Haddonfield

Today kicks off the first Gingerbread House Tour by 3 local bakeries in Haddonfield, DiBartolo, Tal32, and Sweet T’s. They created gingerbread masterpieces to draw attention to our Mission. We are so very grateful to these bakeries for drawing attention to the fact that we had to cancel our Holiday House Tour, our favorite annual fundraiser, and also that we could use more volunteers. Their gingerbread creations are on display in their bakeries.

Check out this video from Fox 29 this morning: https://www.fox29.com/video/877398 and there’s a rumor that NBC10 is also covering the Gingerbread Tour.

As you know, we believe in the power of giving local and that includes shopping local and supporting the small businesses in our communities who give so much.

If you know someone looking to volunteer, have them start by filling out this form: https://www.ifchaddons.org/copy-of-get-involved.


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