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Happy Thanksgiving

This year’s Thanksgiving will not look the same as it has in the past. There will be empty seats at the table while we celebrate. We are experiencing a year of so many changes which impact how we navigate all aspect of our lives. Though nothing may look or feel the same, my hope is that however you celebrate Thanksgiving, that you find one good thing.

I have been trying to note many of my daily “one good things.” This week, some of my one good things included, the rich colors and scent in the flowers given to me by a dear friend, the first cup of morning coffee, the joy our silly puppy gets when he runs in the yard, and how pretty the sunrise was yesterday morning over Crystal Lake.

My constant one good thing is the generosity and support each one of you provides Interfaith Caregivers. Each one of you fulfills Dr. Gault’s original vision of neighbor helping neighbors and for that we thank you.

On behalf of myself, our staff, and those we serve, we wish each of you a Happy Thanksgiving.


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