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Thursday Thoughts

We hope you are adjusting to our new reality and you are coping well. So many of our supporters are finding new ways to help volunteering at blood drives, calling fellow members of congregations, purchasing gift cards for food pantries, helping loved ones, and neighbors. I would not expect anything less from any one of you. As Governor Murphy reminds us daily, staying home is the ultimate act of selflessness. By doing our part, we are helping our friends and loved ones who work in healthcare. Our thoughts are with all of them.

This week includes Passover then Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday. I do not think any of could have conceived a month ago we would be celebrating using Zoom, FaceTime, or Google Hangout. I do think our faith traditions remind us that even during the darkest times, faith and love will endure. That is the one thing that is keeping me going.

I shared on Monday I was going to find 3 things to be grateful for each day. Here are just a few things, your emails- I am really getting to know some volunteers well all through the gift of email, it is a blessing. Hot coffee- our coffee pot is on automatic timer every morning for a really not to be believed time. I am grateful each morning, to hear the beep when the pot is brewed since our menagerie of pets is conditioned to start waking up with the beep. This is dumb but I am taking the time to re-read some of my favorite books. Reading is such a wonderful escape for me, I make time for it each evening and sometimes, with that first cup of coffee. I am obviously grateful for the continued good health of my family even while my kids adjust to homeschooling. They are social creatures, so it has not been the easiest transition, but I think that is true for all of us as we adjust to this reality.

What is happening at Interfaith Caregivers? We are planning a few weeks’ worth of Take Out and Donates with local restaurants. We will have more details for you in the coming days. It will work the way you are used to, call the participating restaurant, place an order, and mention you are dining for Interfaith Caregivers. I don’t know about any of you, but I am not the most inspired cook for weeknights. Take out will be a nice treat for my family.

Suzan, Rosemary, and I are still working but doing so using social distancing. We miss our beautiful offices and having you pop in to visit. If you celebrate Passover or Easter, we hope you find a meaningful way to worship and connect with your loved ones near and far!


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