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Volunteer of the Year

Last Tuesday, we celebrated and thanked our Volunteer of the Year, Carole at Treno in Haddon Township. It was wonderful to meet so many people from Carole's different endeavors and of course, her family who so graciously shares her with us. Below is an excerpt of my remarks.

Our organization was founded by Dr. Joan Gault who had a very simple vision of neighbors helping neighbors. When we were discussing who should be our 2019 Volunteer of the Year, it was an easy choice. Those who are fortunate to call Carole a friend, will not be surprised that her reaction was that there are others more worthy than she.

However, there was not a doubt in our minds that Carole was a logical choice. Carole learned about the joy of giving and the impact of service from her mother. Carole learned from her mom that where there is a need, you step in and give. Carole not only actively drives for us, she is the voice on the phones on Thursday mornings, and she actively recruits new volunteers for us. We are so honored to recognized Carole as with our 2019 Joan Gault Services award. On behalf of our Board of Trustees, the staff, and our clients, we thank you, Carole.


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